Cosyno, a Berlin-based Kimono brand founded in 2020, embraces the essence of slow fashion and effortless style. We dedicate ourselves to the creation of unique products, as we believe that true quality lies not in a mere brand name, but in the devotion to craftsmanship and skill.

We believe in fostering meaningful connections and creating a positive impact on local communities. Our production site in Bali is a testament to the beautiful relationships we've cultivated over the years, where fashion meets tradition in an extraordinary way. Passed down as a tradition for centuries, this unique hand-stamped method adds a touch of magic to each piece we create. Working closely with talented artisans from a family business, we celebrate their traditional craftsmanship and beautiful modern designs.


Our journey began in the heart of Berlin's pulsating beats, where Sam, our founder, felt a yearning for something extraordinary and realised there was a missing piece. Beautiful kimonos that captured the essence of this vibrant scene. Coincidentally during his many travels in Bali, Sam crossed paths with a talented tailor with a family business and together they co-created remarkable kimonos. Cosyno, guided by this profound partnership, presents a collection that reflects the soulful symphony between the family's mastery and Sam's artistic vision.


Welcome to the world of Cosyno, where creativity flows through the veins of every stitch. Whether on the dance floor, at a festival or relaxing on the sofa at home, we love it cosy. Let Cosyno be your passport to a world where style has no boundaries and every garment has a tale to tell.